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Strain Monitoring

Don't guess, train smarter. Superset gives you daily exertion targets tailored to your recovery metrics.

24/7 measurements

Around-the-clock tracking for complete health data.

Personalized for you

Custom recommendations based on your needs.

Trends analysis

Identify patterns for actionable health insights.

Training zones

Target heart rate ranges for optimized training.

Go the extra mile.


See your


Heart Rate Variability
VO2 max
Muscular Load

Track any activity

Superset allows you to track any and all activities, from daily step counts to weight room reps.

Recovery Monitoring

Redefine the way you think about recovery. Understand your body's response to training for peak performance.

Heart rate variability

Leverage HRV as an indicator for recovery.

Resting heart rate

Focus on a lower heart rate for better conditioning.

Respiratory rate

Monitor breath metrics and regularity.

Stress level

Quantify your body’s stress response.

powered by rest.


Train smarter, not harder

bed screentime
Late meals
sun exposure
vitamin d
sleep medication
feeling sick
low hydration

Understand your own habits

Log lifestyle factors like caffeine, alcohol, or late meals to identify impacts on recovery.

For you

Know when to train & rest


Understand Your Sleep Better Than Before

Almost 1 in every 5 adults in the U.S. don’t get proper sleep every night
Productivity can drop by 28% if you don’t have adequate sleep

Sleep stages. Track sleep cycles like REM, light sleep, and deep sleep to understand sleep quality. Gain complete insights to optimize rest for recovery while tracking respiratory rate, disturbances, and more.

Find the right balance. Your sleep requirements are unique to your body. Based on prior sleep patterns, daily strain, and naps, get insights into the ideal sleep balance for you.


Personalized Coaching

One size doesn't fit all. Our coaching analyzes your unique needs and goals to create custom plans optimized for you.

Prioritize sleep

Take the guesswork out of your sleep routine. Our sleep features go beyond one-size-fits-all recommendations and help you understand how much sleep you need every night.

Set balanced goals

Get a clear picture of whether your training routine aligns with your body's capacity to adapt and grow. We track every workout so you can choose the best next steps and avoid overtraining.


Widgets & Apple Watch Faces

Convenient health tracking for motivation on the go. Our widgets and Apple Watch faces provide at-a-glance activity, sleep and recovery data right where you need it.

Customize your watch

Your watch, your way - add complications that highlight key health metrics. Customize your watch to fit your fitness tracking needs and keep your progress top of mind.

Style your home screen

Personalize your iPhone's homepage with hand-crafted widgets, spotlighting fitness stats that inspire you daily. Monitor activity trends, sleep, recovery and more through customizable widgets.


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Health tracking made for you

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